Thom Watts

Program Director/Mornings


I feel you deserve more than a cookie cutter biography so common on other radio web sites. This is supposed to be a

biography so I'll give you one...more...



Josh Douglas



Being a DJ on 96.9 The Kow- A childhood dream that has finally come true. At the age of six, I received a voice recorder

and a CD player and started making recordings of myself being a DJ for 96.9...more...





After putting this off for a year now, I have, with encouragement from my coworkers, finally decided I would give our great

listeners a profile/biography, in spite of not knowing what to say...more...

From very early on, I was a big talker. My parents got tired of meeting new people because I would just wander up and start talking to strangers at the grocery store. One of the perks of growing up in the 4-state area is...more


Blair Garner



Blair Garner hosts the highly acclaimed Country radio show After MidNite, a six-hour nationally syndicated program that airs on more than 260 affiliates...more...